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Canna Culture

This is a social movement aimed at breaking the stigma of cannabis. It has taken the world decades to realize the benefits of this plant and not view it as a dangerous drug but as a multi-purpose solution to the world’s issues associated with the lack of supply for human beings from food, energy, housing e.t.c . Canna Culture seeks to raise aware about the opportunities presented by the industry and provides training and support to individuals wanting to partake in it.


This is our agricultural ecommerce store offering everything needed for cultivation of cannabis and many other plants. From seeds, to nutrients, to cannabis accessories such as bongs & much more this shop supports the recreational side of cannabis for the cannabis lovers out there. We provide our customers with the equipment they need to cultivate their own cannabis for personal consumption either for in-door growing or out door.

Bright Ideas College

The cannabis college is an online platform that seeks to provide education and training about Cannabis. There are a lot of career choices in the cannabis industry as of any other industries in the world and through our college we have created a community of aspiring cannapreneurs, people who want to build their profession in cannabis. Our aim is to disperse education around the cannabis plant, breaking the stigma and leading people to a new light of a better life through the plant.

Amazulu Medibles

We produce infused products which possess the healing & relaxation effects of cannabis. We seek to saturate the market with more products which are suitable for adult use depending on the effects an individual is looking for at that particular time.

Insangu Seeds

This is our proudly South African Genetics company for the cultivation of cannabis, our plan is to be the mass supplier of the best quality genetics in the country through our strategic partnership with the expert growers who have years of research, studying and cultivation of cannabis on a commercial scale. Insangu seeds aims to be the best in the market.

The Healing Centre

This centre offers an alternative health care solution everything organic. We work closely with the Traditional healers in getting their products to the retail market, ensuring compliant standards.

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