Investment opportunities

We make investment opportunities in the industry possible, If you aspire to be a part of our company by investing your money in our operations, we guarantee to deliver on our promises to you to generate a great return on your Investment. Having invested your money, you can also be an active member in the company as nothing is as exciting as being involved where your money is, giving you an opportunity to learn more about the industry.

Cannabis products

We are a manufacturer & supplier of cannabis products. We supply with everything from topical creams, extract, capsules, Oils, Bath bombs & Medibles. Our prices are made to be accommodating to every customer based on their specific needs. We also white label products for your dispensary giving you the competitive edge as we offer first class service delivery whilst allowing you to be your own boss with your own brand.

Cannabis Training


We offer training & guidance to individuals wanting to cultivate their own plants and learn more about the industry. Our team of experts give you the highest level of service, leaving you satisfied and confident in your cultivation.


Packaging & Labelling

If you are a reseller of products, irrespective of your industry and you need a labelling & packaging company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we offer those services at affordable prices.


Do you have an existing business and want to stock up cannabis products? We supply shop owners with stock & rebrand their existing brand to be in alignment with the standards. We assist with marketing of these products ensuring that you gain customers through our effective marketing strategies and grow your business.

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DBN TEL: 031 880 1540 JHB TEL: 010 065 0461
MOBILE WHATSAPP: 081 740 6020

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